Julidizor2016, Bubbles8218, and Jillian1234 have a Father/Grandather and Son/Grandson Relationship.

  • Aladdin and Ronno.
  • Sinbad, Pinocchio, and Ranjan.
  • Dimitri, Christopher Robin, and Zephyr.
  • Naveen, Mickey Mouse, and Tipo.
  • John Smith and Elroy Jetson.
  • Miguel and Young Kovu.
  • Proteus and Boo Boo Bear.
  • Tulio, Chris Thorndyke, and Lampwick.
  • Hugh Test and Johnny Test.
  • Eric and Plucky Duck.
  • Prince Adam and Young Bagheera.
  • King Frederic and Young Baloo.
  • Ranger Audubon and Brock.
  • King Candy and Quincy.